Monday, February 17, 2014

2014 Photo Journal - Day 47 - Math Day

I teach math two days a week to a friend's son. They are homeschoolers. I homeschooled our four kids through their freshman year of high school so it has been a fun experience to "teach" again!. 

What interesting fact about you does the rest of the photo gang not know?


  1. That is amazing and wonderful. You live an incredible life. An interesting fact, a little boring but after years of working at a Children's a Hospital, I went through testing and am on the worldwide bone marrow transplant register. I always thought if there was an opportunity to help save a life, I would.

  2. I've come back to this post as I didn't know what to say...!!!! What about that I worked heaps in Early Childhood and have an EC Diploma as well as a Diploma of Agriculture (I bet that one doesn't surprise anyone!!)