Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Saga of the Week Long Blogger Absence!

Hello dear friends - I'm back!!! It's been a long, long week for me...so here's the story!

Day 176 - June 25
The computer got sick!

Day 177 - June 26
Took it to the "doctor"

Day 178 - June 27
Played with Gracen

Day 179 - June 28
Watched the chickens eating bugs

Day 180 - June 29
Worked on Applique Quilt Blocks

Day 181 - June 30
Did some FMQ on a small quilt

Day 182 - July 1
Put up Green Beans

As you can tell, the computer is up and running - but I'm still having some problems with some hardware - grrrrrr that's just technology for you!! Hope ya'll have had a great week - I'll be stopping by and chatting with each of you as the days progress!!

Blessings and Hugs!


  1. So sorry for your computer troubles. I know who annoying that can be. I'm sure that it was also a bit freeing though too, to not have that distraction. It looks like you had a nice week. Glad you are back.

  2. Computer problems are bad.... it makes you aware of how dependent we have become on these machines, mine had to go in for repairs a few months ago and I was without for 2 (!) days and I really missed it, all the blogposts, all the inspiration, my mail...... Good to see you back!

  3. Good to see you up and running again Doniene. My how Gracen has grown! Those beans look so yum, and it is nice to see what you are working on quilt-wise :-) [Benjamin Biggs is going to be lovely!!] Oh and your chooks look nice and chubby - hope they are layng well.

  4. Gracen is the cutest thing ever!! Looks so much like me!!!

  5. I understand that technology part...we love it and hate it. Good to see you got some quilting in. The older I get the more important it is to get some quilting done. It is my relaxing, sane time.
    blessings, jill

  6. Forget the first picture and I think you are so blessed Doniene.
    Gracen is sooooooo cute!!!

  7. Well your computer is working again. Love the appliqué you are working on.