Monday, June 6, 2016



This is Molly, the puppies' mama. A friend of a friend is away from home for over a month, and they needed someone to care for the brood! In return for the care, I get to choose one for myself! I know many of you know that I have Border Collies primarily to help,with the ranch work. But my dream is to train one for the big trials, especially the Meeker Classic. I lost my best dog 3 years ago, and have not found the dog that really fits me for trialing. I have a really, really good ranch dog, and an adequate back up dog. So with Finn (updated photo coming tomorrow) and then this puppy, who is out of really nice trial dogs, I hoping I'll find that fit. 

Isn't Molly a beauty?


  1. Hi sweet friend, It is hard to believe your pup has been gone now for three years-where has the time gone? What a beauty this girl is; I'm excited that you will be looking to get another pup for trials. If I was younger, I would have loved to do agility, plus herding too. Sending hugs your way and I will be waiting to see what transpires.

  2. That is a nice goal. Lovely looking dog.

  3. She is a beauty - hope you find the ideal pup in the litter :-)

  4. You will find the right dog and I have no doubt you will be competing in Meeker one day. I was able to get our new BC (FLY) to drive some yearlings with me day before yesterday. Quite a feat with her, she is a challenge for sure.