Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Behind AGAIN!!!!

Good excuse though, we were out of town and I don't have an ipad or smart phone, so just have to wait to post when I get home! So here's photos from the past few days!

We made a trip to the feed mill before we went out of town. Noticed a worker up on the conveyor.

We made a trip to Far West Texas to the town of Alpine - a BIG country!

We went to a the 06 Ranch Cutting Horse Show. I videoed the runs, but did try to snap a few shots to post here.
 My favorite cowboy!!

Glory, one horse of seven that we took.

Always a good time visiting with friends and family. This is Mike and Bill, his cousin.

The highway had many "cuts" through rocky hills. Not a great photo, but these rock cuts were beautiful to see.

It was a long trip home, but the girls were back in the saddle the very next day!


  1. Lovely pictures Doniene!
    The last pic is my favourite, but again, I'm holding my breath seeing Gracen on that horse.
    OMG look at her face (hihi). The pink boots are sooo cute.......Greetings from Belgium

  2. I love all the pics from your trip but have to say that the last one definitely cracked me up! Gracen is up on her horse with her baby doll. Too cute! We don't have horses but when our GB#2 does anything, the baby has to do it with her. Yesterday the baby accompanied her in the swing.