Saturday, August 1, 2015

Man Lift

We needed to put up a new TV antennae (yes, we are one of "those" people that like free TV!!) Really, we aren't big TV watchers, but like to get the local news and have a few programs we like to watch (we are one of "those" reality show buffs!) our SIL brought out the "Man Lift" and the new TV antennae is installed!!

Warning:  Photo heavy post!

After the boys got the antennae installed and checked it out with the TV, I got to go up and get a bird's eye view!! Loved it!!


  1. An awesome birds eye view. Bet you all loved being able to see your place from a completely new perspective.

  2. This is wonderful! Great that you got the antenna installed, haven't seen one of those in a long time. It is all cable and/or satellite dishes over here. I love the bird's eye view of your ranch and its surroundings! So much space and it is all so green. Reminds me of our stay in Bandera a few years ago. Our dude ranch was on top of a hill and when we sat out on the porch we could look so far and saw so much green, it was breath taking for us, living in such a flat, low and overcrowded country. Bliss!

  3. Love your bird eye pictures! They are so special.Is that the road we drove too ?
    Good memories Doniene. It is nice to think that I've seen everything on these pictures in person. And I know you would love to watch TV brought in your house by this antenna :-)

  4. Awesome view! Wow!,
    We use an antennae inside in the attic.

  5. Great shots! That was surely an opportunity not to miss. I'm glad you have the TV issue fixed.

  6. That is wonderful that you can watch TV now. Great photos. I love seeing where you live, it looks like an amazing part of the world. We also watch 'free' TV. We did have pay TV for a few years, but who wants to watch so much TV anyway!